Elisa Biagini

Elisa Biagini has published several poetry collections such as L’Ospite (Einaudi, 2004), Fiato. parole per musica (D’If, 2006), Nel Bosco (Einaudi, 2007), The Guest in the Wood (Chelsea editions, 2013-2014, Best Translated Book Award), Da una crepa (Einaudi, 2014), The Plant of Dreaming (Xenos books, 2017), Depuis une fissure (Cadastre8zero, 2018, Prix Nunc 2018) and Filamenti (Einaudi, 2020). Her poems have been translated into fifteen languages and she has translated several contemporary American poets for reviews, anthologies and complete collections (Nuovi Poeti Americani Einaudi, 2006). She teaches writing at NYU-Florence. www.elisabiagini.it

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