The John Cage Experiences

The John Cage Experiences:

8 solos, Duos or Trios (with Things)

by Vincent Tholomé

translated from the French by Alex Niemi

This pseudo-biography of John Cage begins with a simple concept: What would happen if everything about a text, from the number of sentences to the structure of the passages, were determined by chance? Here, for the first time in English, writer Vincent Tholomé, author of over twenty volumes of experimental verse, presents with a hybrid work that, above all, seeks to explore the realms of pure invention. Comprised of “8 solos, duos, or trios,” The John Cage Experiences invites readers to enact the drama and the comedy of John Cage. The book includes stage directions for acting out each piece as “John Cage or his equivalent,” adding yet another layer of possible invention that will change with every reading or performance.

ISBN: 9780998740058 / 2020 / 66 pages / paperback / $10.00 / cover design: Justin Angeles

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