Fall and Rise, American Style

Fall and Rise, American Style:

Eight International Writers Between Gettysburg and the Gulf

Edited by Nataša Ďurovičová with Hugh Ferrer

“The shrewd reflections contained in  this collection — a mixture of reportage and personal meditation — will take readers into those same wounds through the calm eyes of engaged,  concerned guests; and in the process, this volume exposes the merits of a new model of diplomacy, one that dispatches with ostentation and suggests instead that there is a greater strength, an inspiring strength, in admitting that the U.S., like so many nations, must persevere through unyielding social tensions.”

Hugh Ferrer, Associate Director of the International Writing Program, University of Iowa

ISBN: 978-0982746646 / 2015 / paperback / ​201 pages / $14.95

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