Dells and Hollows

Dells and Hollows

Poems by Marjan Strojan translated from the Slovenian by the author with an introduction by Sydney Lea

“I suppose that to possess a spirit such as Strojan’s may be something of an ordeal. Fixities and definites — the sorts of constructs that we rely on as bourgeois — are forever collapsing before him. Continuity, to use his own term n this  book], must be a chimera, and although I can testify at first hand to  the poet’s suavity, aplomb, and sense of humor as a social being, there  is a way in which, given his sensitivity and perspicacity, he seems  almost an alien among so-called ‘normal’ human beings.”

Sydney Lea

Translations  of Marjan Strojan’s work have appeared in numerous languages. His ad­ditional honors include the Sovré Translation Prize for Beowulf and for Mil­ton’s Paradise Lost (Izgubljeni raj), and, in 2015, the  distinguished France Prešeren Founda­tion Prize for his translation of Chaucer.

Read an excerpt at M-Dash.

ISBN: 978-0982746653 / 2016 / 136 pages / paperback / $9.95 / cover design: Justin Angeles

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