Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi

by Susanna Tamaro

translated from the Italian by Cinzia Sartini Blum and Russell Scott Valentino

The best selling author of Follow Your Heart and Answer Me tells a tale of troubled youths and meaningful reconciliations.

Anima Mundi has been published in Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain (in Castillian and Catalan), Sweden, Turkey, and Yugoslavia.

“Fire is the thought that burns in the mind of Walter, an adolescent raised amid the silence of a family without love. Fire is the voice of Andrea, who is much more than a friend to him, he is his internal voice, his window on the world. It is their friendship that gives Walter the courage to leave behind the little town of his birth, make his way to Rome, and create a life for himself. Earth is the changeable soil of the capital, the chaos and complexity of the city, a little corner of seeming paradise, prelude to uncontrollable emptiness of body and soul. Wind is a letter from his friend and teacher after an absence of ten years. Walter discovers the journey of a friend in despair, as crystalline certainties slipped away.” Rizzoli

“A thinking man’s book!” Paul Ingram, Prairie Lights Books

ISBN: 9780975444443 / 2007
paperback / ‚Äč$16.95 US